Beyond Ordinary Driving Range

Are you still offering only tee booths and balls ? Equip your driving range with new features that most customers now demand.

Integrated Analysis

Spectrum provides you with an integrated analysis of golfing skills, including posture, trajectory and impact analyses.

Data Archiving

Spectrum's innovative data archiving system works in two ways: it effectively manages customer data and allows customers to make the most of their integrated analysis.

Seamless Data Connectivity

Results of the integrated analysis are delivered seamlessly from Spectrum to the customer's personal device.

Quick Return on Investment

Spectrum takes your driving range to the next level. With improved customer satisfaction, you achieve the fastest and most effective return on investment.

Boosting Lesson Requests

Spectrum's integrated analysis and efficient data management system motivate customers to invest more in learning from professionals.

Spectrum29 Series

  • Integrated Analysis for Posture, Trajectory, and Impact
  • Ultra-Brightness 21:9 29" LED Display
  • Overcoms Weakness of Short Ranges

A Professional model to overcome the weakness of indoor range by integrated analysis for posture, trajectory, and impact analysis. Suitable for driving ranges and golf academies.

Spectrum24 Series

  • Full HD Posture Analysis
  • Ultra-Brightness 16:9 24" LED Display
  • Cost Effective Model for All Customers

Provides with a new range environment with posture analysis at all tee booths. It also support your driving range with video lesson functionality at all tee booths. Suitable for driving ranges.

Video Sever & Network Equipment

  • Data Management for All Customers
  • Control All Units of Spectrums
  • Video Storage up to 2,000,000 clips and Internet Service

Video Server controls all units of Spectrums through the network equipment. It also archives all customer data and support online service through the Internet.

Install Photos

Top class ranges are supported by Spectrum


Spectrum's high quality video service has satisfies our customers for more than 10 years. As a manager of a huge driving range, top-notch durability and system reliability made us purchase MEDIABRIDGE's products again. Really best product, especially for outdoor ranges.

Thanks to Spectrum, we can instantly offer video lesson to all customers on all tee booths. This really satisfies our customers and make them leave their posture data in this range. The more customer's data we have, the more customoers rely on us and revisit.

Broaden out with features your customers really want.